An Invitation


I am not a chef.  My parents were were no more gastronomically-driven than most and they didn’t insist that my after-school instant ramen noodle snack was organic and locally sourced.  My mother’s first dish was fried rice after she married my dad (she mistakenly deep-fried the whole thing).  The first dish I cooked on my own were mushroom chips (that I also deep-fried into nuclear waste).

I sit behind a desk all day and I’m just as broke as you are.  I don’t own a vacuum sealer, a smoker, or one of those fancy ice cream makers.  My pictures aren’t taken by professionals nor do I carry a tripod into restaurants trying to capture the perfect photo while my food gets cold.

This blog is dedicated to the regular cooks and eaters.  Those who know all too well the smell of burning rice, who despair at the sight of empty pantries, and who sigh at the perpetual scarcity of time in the kitchen.  To those who just want to cook good food but don’t know where to start…or who believe years of abuse in a restaurant kitchen is the only way to inspire others to eat better.

I write for the contrarians who refuse to shell out unnecessary, hard-earned dollars for food fueled by pure marketing.  I cook for the adventurers content with eating at the dingy hole-in-the-walls that serve food with love.  I eat with the dinner table philosophers who know that the best condiment to any meal is a good conversation.  This is for those who eat not only out of nutritional necessity, but because they understand that food is one of the few things that binds us all together as humans regardless of race, creed, belief, or method of cooking eggs.

To all those who wander, let’s break bread.


(Read on for recipes, stories, and the general rants of the perpetually hungry.  Contact me for private events, collaborations, or even if you just want to hang out over good food and drink.)


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