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Hidden Apron is to this Blog what Family Dinners are to the Solitary Lunch.  While the latter can certainly be delicious, it mostly involves a lot of silent rumination and overthinking.  Hidden Apron instead seeks to actively bring people together to the Table by focusing on the stories of commonality lying on our plates.  Started a few years ago when a mentor challenged a friend and I to cater a last minute dinner party with only a few hours to prep, we went from feeding small, intimate affairs to cooking for multi-course pop-up dinners, fancy galas, 200-person conferences, and everything in between with an ever-revolving crew of people who have little to no experience in the kitchen.

While we started out trying to prove that everyone indeed can cook, we realized how much broader and more powerful Food really can be in breaking boundaries within and between people.  Recently, Hidden Apron has even expanded further to now include a Podcast that examines just how rich, varied, and omnipresent food is in our lives.

The posts you’ll see on this page are my adventures with the Hidden Apron Crew.  Read about them here in this blog (Read -> “Break Bread”) or check out more of our work below:

Website – hiddenapron.com
Instagram – @hidden_apron
E-mail: hiddenapron@gmail.com

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