Hidden Apron

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It started with a few casual meals here and there.  2 accountants and a real estate broker who’d ditch the suits and don the aprons after-hours got together for the love of food (and because they were too broke to eat at all the Michelin-starred powerhouses).  What began as simple get-togethers grew into brunches that filled our apartments and before you knew it, we were trekking to Jersey to come up with menus on the spot for a family of 10 and catering a 100-person fundraiser in SoHo.

Yes, we still slave away at our desk jobs, but we wanted to prove that cooking and enjoying good food is easy, fun, and can be done despite clocking in 14 hour workdays.  We have no formal training save from the blogs and videos we stumble upon and the heat of our stoves.  And while the three of us may be the ones in the picture, Hidden Apron is a collective of countless friends and gastronomes who’ve got aprons stashed away, ready to be thrown on when the next event is announced.  Come join the fray!









Paolo Espanola’s culinary background is as varied as the dim sum menu in Chinatown.  From the grilled meats and saffron rice of his birthplace Saudi Arabia, to the fish frys of his collegiate years in the Midwest, and to his Chinese-Filipino background, Paolo enjoys sharing food from all over the world (except for maggots….anything but maggots).  He believes that food is the one common language we all share and that total strangers can bond over a shared meal without speaking a word.  When he isn’t busy staring at Excel sheets all day, he’s buried deep inside a cookbook or working on this here blog.  Rarely making the same thing twice and having lost count of the fried chicken he’s burned, Paolo believes dining is the only true sport he’ll ever excel at.



Ricky Ho is the group’s master of experiences.  From crawfish boils to giant cheese-stuffed burgers, Ricky makes sure the food not only tastes good but that the people enjoy eating it as well.  Hailing from Seattle by way of Minnesota, Ricky ensures the team’s fashion level is up to par even when the flour starts flying and the oil starts splattering.  Ricky’s done everything from delivering medicine, selling sportswear, and showing fancy FiDi lofts during the day.  At night, he’s the groups photographer, graphic designer, DJ, and all-around smooth guy.  Don’t let his quietness fool you, his cayenne-drenched dishes will leave you speechless.



Chelsey White provides the sweet to the group’s otherwise savory bent.  With the ability to cupcake-ify anything, she’s made crowds swoon over her simple Nutella Cupcakes to her extravagant Halo-Halo ones.  Only firing up her oven in her tiny apartment after moving from Seattle almost 2 years ago, Chelsey now runs a successful baking blog and regularly receives orders for her baked confections.  An avid runner with the energy level to match, Chelsey makes sure the group – and its diners –  smile all the way home.


Group e-mail: hiddenapron@gmail.com
Twitter: @hiddenapron
Holla for catering requests, food throwdown invites, and whenever two or more people gather to break bread!

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