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“Chef” starring Jon Favreau

So you’re probably at lunch cursing the Gods for inventing Monday….or wandering aimlessly around YouTube watching cat videos.  Well…while you’re at it, peep this quick trailer for a culinary comedy that came out just a few days ago and is on limited engagement.  “Chef”, written, directed, produced, and starring (jeez!) Jon Favreau, who’s directed the Iron Man films, is about a workaholic chef in LA who quits his high-profile, if not humdrum, post at a restaurant.  Chef Carl Casper, played by Favreau, is dying to cook more creative food but is limited by his profit-driven boss.  A Twitter feud with a popular food critic ends with his resignation and Casper resorts to running a food truck in Miami.

I’m no movie critic but the film was actually quite enjoyable (thought far from stellar) featuring some big names: Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo, and even Robert Downey Jr. as Carl’s ex-wife’s ex-husband (yep…the entire cast is pretty much comprised of A-listers).  While the plot was somewhat predictable, the copious amounts of food porn will have you salivating for Cuban sandwiches and Yucca Fries at the end.  From a pasta dish Carl makes for his attractive maitre’d to the enormous hunks of brisket they buy in Texas, and even the powdery beignets his son cops while in New Orleans, this movie is definitely about the food as much as it is a movie about chasing one’s dreams and being true to oneself.

For the foodies out there, it’ll definitely provide some timely inspiration to continue cooking great food (or open that food venture you’ve always dreamt of.  You can get tickets (I believe the film is scheduled to end its limited run this weekend) and read more details at the film’s website here.

And now on to the trailer:

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