Caramel Apple Turon (Filipino Apple Spring Roll)

Early Spring is now a season I really look forward to with its promises of patio brunches, beautiful people watching, and the ability to wear something more flattering than a poofy jacket paired with chapped skin.  But Spring during my college years wasn’t as…”Spring-y”.  Most student groups plan their largest events during these months and for me, I somewhat dreaded spring as it meant back-to-back meetings planning event after event.  However, Spring also heralded the start of Bake Sale season as groups sought to fund events and as an equal open diner, this was open season for all things carby.  Sure there were the usual cookies and brownies (in varying shades of chocolate) but the real treats were the cultural delicacies: the orange, sticky Indian Jalebis that had to be washed down with tea, the Chinese Moon Cakes, the Arabic Baklava, and when you hit the jackpot and stumble on an all out ten item dessert buffet?  Well…makes you forget the next five planning meetings on your calendar.

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Spiced Early Grey Tea Ice Cream

I was raggin’ on a friend of mine for being a sneakerhead the other day.  There isn’t a week that goes by that he posts a new special edition pair of Nikes.  Not to mention that entering a shoe store reduces his mental function to that of a 2-week starved hyena.

Ironically, I’m the same way entering a cooking shop.  The bright lights, the gleaming porcelain, the space age espresso maker, and the old school Japanese knives.  It was then that I finally sympathized with my friend.  Two months of wondering where my hard-earned dollars went though and I came to a conclusion: only buy a tool whose function you cannot accomplish with what you already own .  No hand mixer?  Build some damn forearm muscles and whip those eggs into submission!  No spice grinder?  Salvage the coffee grinder you found in the basement of your apartment.

At the top of my list was an ice cream maker.  I mean…have you seen the crazy things the Iron Chefs have put out with those things? And to appease my bitterness and guilt for buying that hot new microplane a few weeks back, I decided to eschew the hundred dollar contraption for a pot, whisk, and bowl.

Making homemade ice cream is deceptively simple, requires very few ingredients, and is flexible enough to allow for an infinite combination of flavors.

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