Spanish-style Pinamalhan: Bluefish in Sour Salsa Verde

A while back I wrote about an exhibit in SoHo showcasing the great Ferran Adria’s notes and sketches.  Instead of the usual food porn we see from other chefs, Adria’s notes are scientific, cultural, methodical, and utterly cerebral.  Which was why his book entitled “The Family Meal” was surprisingly simple and home-y.  I decided to try (and modify) one of the seafood recipes, having turned a casual pescetarian during the weekdays.  I got a great deal on Bluefish at Whole Foods and after I snagged some ultra-rare organic rice from Ayesha’s farm in the Philippines, I wanted to see if I could make a Spanish, amped-up version of my childhood Pinamalhan, a Filipino dish consisting of fish slowly braised in vinegar until the sauce reduces and thickens.


My summertime slump continues and so I’ve begun to tone down the rich, hearty meals of winter in favor of something lighter and not as food coma-inducing.  And with very few ingredients, this dish will really showcase that nice fish (no…you may NOT filet it!) you’re going to pick up this weekend.  Here we go…..

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New Exhibit in SoHo: Ferran Adria’s Notebook (until Feb. 28.)

Another day another dollar!


Just saw a notice go up on the event curating site Sosh about a new exhibit that just opened up at the Drawing Center in SoHo, NY featuring the personal notes of Ferran Adria, the mad man behind “el Bulli“, regarded as one (if not THE) top restaurant in the world for many years now.  The exhibit is only open for about a month and admission is only $5 for adults (free on Thursdays from 6 to 8 PM…unless you’re an accountant like me in which case, good luck going then).

You can check out more details here.


For the uninitiated, Adria is a big name in the restaurant world especially in the fields of avant garde cuisine and molecular gastronomy.  He’s collaborated with Harvard in putting together the hit Food & Science Lectures (here’s one from 2012).  If you’ve got some time to kill, I’d recommend watching one.  Some are dryer than others but they’re def a mindfu*k for hardcore foodies out there.  If you’re looking for something a little less…”science-y” though and you’ve got a Netflix account, watch the movie “el Bulli: Cooking in Progress” for a glimpse into his creative, and sometimes downright absurd – I mean…who the hell thinks of making ravioli where the casing is some sort of plastic and the filling is oil? – thinking.


For those in NY looking to go but who’s friends would rather watch football games than stare at some guy’s scribblings, leave a comment below and we’ll commiserate!