TGIM: Monday Motivation 1 and Our Obsession with Brunch

Good morning fellow grinders and desk rats!  Another day another dollar and while you may say this is just the same shit, just a different day, I (and this dynamite Jasmine tea I’m sippin’ on) wholeheartedly disagree.  Spring is nearby, we haven’t had a damned winter advisory recently, and as ET the Hip-Hop Preacher said: “THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY!”.  So real quick, 2 videos for you guys.  The first is a motivational video I saw a few years back that I revisit from time to time.  If it doesn’t get you pumped up like a protein shake, you got issues friend.  The second was a funny vid I saw over the weekend that’s preeeettttyyy apt for us New Yorkers and our weird obsession with brunch.  Of course the commenters blame the New Jersians for besmirching the pure name of this sacred ritual of a meal…but I leave that up to you to decide.  GRIND ON PEOPLE!


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