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Ghetto Gastro: Hip-Hop Meets Haute Cuisine

(Photo cred:, Video cred: Fuse)

A quick 3 minute morning video (link below) for you all, esp. the hip-hop fans out there.  Found these guys when they showed up on Filipino restaurant Maharlika’s Instagram account and of course with a name like that, had to follow them.  Dan Levin, Jon Gray, Malcolm Livingston, and Lester Walker, chefs (though the term is almost too tame for this crew) of the catering company “Ghetto Gastro”, are putting a new spin (pun intended) on the culinary scene by mixing (yep…did it again) hip-hop culture with good food.  Having cut their teeth both on the streets and in the kitchen, the group is attracting the likes of Raekwon and A$AP Ferg to their pop-up meals and are now being invited to national events.

Walker explains that they wanted the name to be sort of an oxymoron between the oft-derogatory “ghetto” and the high class “gastronomy”.  Because of this, their events bring people from the ghetto, the gastro, and everything in between.  Being a huge fan of cooking with a crowd while the tunes of Hova and J Cole blast in the background, what’s not too like about these guys?!  Check ’em out (they’re pretty new on the block having thrown an inaugural dinner last May) coz I know I’ll be waiting for one of their up-and-coming Freestyle Friday events.

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