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12 Pictures of Real Criminals’ Final Meals

12 Pictures of Real Criminals’ Last Meals

In honor of yet another soul-sucking cold front coming, something a tad bit more morbid (though not without humor!).  Stumbled on this Buzzfeed article (link above) showing what those sentenced to die chose as their final meal.  Some are fit for a king from steaks to overflowing baskets of fried chicken.  Then there are the more bizarre requests of a single olive, to being served while watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Yet all followed some common theme…a sort of grotesque version of comfort food.  It got me thinking what I would choose as my last meal.  I’d probably ask for a large plate of saffron-scented yellow rice topped with roast lamb, an Arabic dish from my childhood.  Though a bowl of Neoguri instant ramen wouldn’t be so bad either.  What would your last meal be?

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I'm just a regular cook born in the sands of Saudi Arabia. Former accountant, now learning about the vagaries of working in a growing tech startup, living wide-eyed and ravenous in NYC. This project started as a rebellious response to a life not of my own choosing; a way to justify the daily 9-to-5. I cook, take photos of, and write/talk about regular food for regular people. I'm no chef and have certainly burned my fair share of rice. I believe in the power of food to connect us to each other and that in Breaking Bread, so to do we Break the Boundaries the limit our lives. Instagram / Twitter: @errant_diner E-mail: Current mood: Rice, Nattou, Salmon


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